Butterflies - planning ideas

Important dates and celebrations:
Autumn and Spring - Monarch butterfly migrates

Possible times to use this topic:  Spring, Summer, Autumn

Extensions of this theme:  Life cycles (science), eggs (science), caterpillars (science), colour (art), patterns (art, early math), change (social development)

Decorations:  silk butterflies/flowers/greenery, window clings, arts and crafts made during theme

Common items to use:  dishes in the shape of or with butterflies on them (plastic or china), themed handle spreaders, butterfly printed napkins, fold a cloth napkin into a butterfly ,butterfly bedding and accessories

Foods:  fruits and juices, use a straw to drink like a butterfly, butterfly shaped cookie cutter for sandwiches, veggies or cookie 

Clothing:  silk butterfly wings, clothing with butterflies or caterpillars on them, tattoos

- the butterfly jig - you tube
- the butterfly colors song - you tube
- butterfly fly away - miley and billy ray cyrus
- dog and butterfly - heart
- scores from Madame Butterfly opera 

Eyewitness DVD's - Butterfly and Moth
Entertainment:  Eric Carle The very hungry caterpillar and other stories

Outings:  visit a Butterfly House, visit a garden or park to look for eggs/caterpillars/butterflies

Supplies to keep available:  butterfly or caterpillar pencils, erasers, notepads, rubber stamps and ink pads, stickers, temporary tattoos, bookmarks, circles of paper for making caterpillars, glue, scissors, tape

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