Butterflies - book list

Reference/Non Fiction:
~Butterflies of British Columbia (field guide) - John Acorn
~Animals and their Babies - Butterflies and Caterpillars - Anita Ganeri
~Butterflies - Cari Meister
~Monarch Butterflies Life Cycle - Julie Murray 
~600 Butterflies and Moths in full color - W.F.Kirby (Dover Publications, Botanical drawings)
~ Take-Along Guide - Caterpillars, Bugs and Butterflies - Mel Boring
~Butterflies - Butterfly magic for kids - E. Jaediker Norsgaard
~Eyewitness Books - Butterfly and Moth
~butterfly - Thomas Marent (stunning photography!)
~Ed Emberley's Picture Pie - Page 37 "Fraction" butterflies 
~DK Watch me grow Butterfly (print my 'Find the Answer' sheets here)

~The Children's Year - Stephanie Cooper, Christine Fynes-Clinton and Marye Rowling - Page 52 Making butterflies for mobiles or to tie on a stick; Page 44 Crocheted Caterpillar bookmark
~More magic wool - Angelika Wolk-Gerche - Page37 Wet felted butterflies
~Klutz Kits - Twirled Paper (Quilling kit) - Page 21 Quilled butterflies to hang in the window
~Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Animals - Page 4-5 How to draw caterpillars
~Usborne Playtime - I can crayon - Page 22-23 How to draw a caterpillar; Page 30-31 How to make an embossed butterfly
~Usborne Activities - Sparkly things to make and do - Page 12-13 Spangly butterflies
~Usborne Farmyard Tales - Things to make and do - Page 12-13 Leaf print butterflies
~Usborne Activities - Things to make and do with paper - Page 26-27 Tissue paper butterflies
~Intricate Butterflies - 45 beautiful designs to color! - Chuck Abraham

Story books/Early childhood:
~The very hungry caterpillar - Eric Carle
~Are you a butterfly? - Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries
~Butterflies in the garden - Carol Lerner (nonfiction and beautifully illustrated)
~Where Butterflies Grow - Joanne Ryder
~A Blue Butterfly - A story about Claude Monet - Bijou Le Tord (beautiful watercolour illustrations)
~Butterflies for Kiri - Cathryn Falwell (about Origami)
~Butterfly Butterfly - A book of colors - Petr Horacek
~Waiting for wings - Lois Ehlert
~10 little caterpillars - Bill Martin Jr and Lois Ehlert

~Butterfly Meadow series - Olivia Moss
~The butterfly alphabet - Kjell B. Sandved (Photographs of butterfly wings and poetry)
~Sarah and the magic science project - Hazel Hutchins

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