Butterflies - visiting a butterfly house


To wrap up our butterfly theme we visited a butterfly house yesterday.
(I tried to identify all of the species, if a photo is not labelled and you know what it is please leave a comment)

White Tree Nymph
Pink Cattleheart
White Tree Nymph

The butterflies were magical, the greenhouse was warm and humid, and the plants colourful and fragrant.

Koi fish

Our tour guide gave an informative (and humourous) tour which included various other species that reside in the garden as well.

Emerging Cabinet

The kids had a great time observing up close all that we have "studied" about butterflies and their life cycle.  They looked at butterfly and insect parts under microscopes, found eggs, caterpillars, cocoons, and butterflies in the plants growing in the gardens and enjoyed seeing the reptiles and birds.

Poison Dart Frog
Poison Dart Frog
"Leo" the 16 year old parrot
Nesting Ringneck Dove
Brown Clipper

If you have a Butterfly House in your area it's a great opportunity for children to see butterflies up close and add a 'visual' to what they have learned from books and worksheets.
~ joey ~

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  1. Your butterfly house looks amazing - beautiful photography!

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