Welcome to Creative Themes for learning and play!

Hello and welcome!
My name is Joey and I am very excited that you are here today!

Some of you already know me from my other blog made by joey and know that I love to live a creative rich life with my husband and two children on the West Coast of Canada.

I decided to build Creative Themes for learning and play as a method of organizing all of the ideas, photos, reference materials, links, book lists, etc. that I use to create a fun learning environment in our home for our children.
my daughter age 3, 2006
How this information is organized: 

Over time and as the kids matured I accumulated piles of notes so I have used three catagories to organize the information: 

~ Planning Ideas
~ Learning and Play Ideas
~ Book List 

~ Posts are also assigned a Theme which are sorted on the right sidebar.

~ The Search by keyword tool is helpful to find something specific.

~ Under the header photo you will see a "Printables" button where you can print (for your own use only) the printable pages that I have designed to use with certain themes. 

~ Themes are also sorted by academic subjects such as Science, Math, Geography and Language so that you can search for creative learning ideas as well. 

~ To store electronic information I also use Pinterest boards to organize the ideas that I find on the internet.  You are welcome "pin" any ideas from this blog to your own boards.

I hope these tools make it easy for you to access all of the information quickly and easily.

Please check back often as I have only just begun to enter all of the information and printables that I have on themes such as:
 the seasons (Summer, etc.)
the holidays (Easter, etc.)
the beach
the ocean
and many more!
If you have ideas, reference materials, booklists, links, blog posts, Pinterest pages or anything else that relates to one of the themes here and would like to be linked up, please email me at
Buttons for both of my blogs are available to everyone (on the left sidebar) to add to your blog.

The first theme I chose to enter is Butterflies.
This month our family is doing a variety of activities, crafts, games, outings, and learning about butterflies.  You can read more here

I hope that you will join us often to see what we have been learning, creating and celebrating.
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See you soon,
~ joey ~


  1. Congratulations for your new blog. I'm sure it will be a great source of inspiration. I hope I can help you with new ideas some day.

    1. Thank you Cris,
      I'd love to have your ideas here!
      ~ joey ~

  2. Congratulations Joey! It is wonderfully inspiring :-)

    1. Thank you Mariah!
      Your encouragement helped make this all happen!
      ~ joey ~


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~ joey ~