Betterflies - metamorphosis

July 25th

We have really been enjoying our 'live learning' here watching our caterpillars grow and change!
I should really be posting daily updates as the changes happen so quickly so I'm dating each photo.

July 25th

This caterpillar seems to like to hang out on the lid of the container which gives us a great view of it's underside.  We read that it's supposed to have 16 legs but we haven't found all 16 on any of them, they are so tiny it's hard to tell what is a leg and what is just a bump.

Then we spotted a very exciting change . . .

July 25th

...can you see it? (you may need to click on the photo)  It's made a silk thread around the middle of it's body.  We knew that meant it was getting read to form a chrysalis!

July 25th

And then we found this!
The first chrysalis lying on the bottom of the container.  Apparently it can happen anywhere?!

~ ~ ~

July 26th

I made up this Observing the life cycle of a butterfly printable to record that we found:
0 eggs
6 caterpillars
3 chrysalises and
0 butterflies.

We also measured the shortest caterpillar at 1 cm and the longest at 2.5cm.

We filled in the colour and markings chart to say that the caterpillar and chrysalis are both green, the caterpillar with a yellow stripe and the chrysalis with yellow "spikes".

We noted any changes from yesterday and what we think will happen next as well.

July 26th

You can see the last skin on the leaf that it shed before forming it's chrysalis.  We found the same skin under the other chrysalises as well.

July 26th

The caterpillar on the lid has secured a silk thread so it isn't moving or eating.  I've been checking it regularly so we're hoping that we'll get to actually see it form it's chrysalis.

**Note:  In the time it took me to write this it formed it's chrysalis!  Oh well maybe we'll see the next one?!

Check in tomorrow to see some of the butterfly crafts we've been doing.
~ joey ~

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  1. Oh, how fun to watch!! Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times!!


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